RENU Renovations

RENU Communities™ is an energy solutions provider that delivers decarbonized energy retrofits to existing real estate assets. Through the RENU process, South Winds will be undergoing a substantial effort to reduce carbon emissions by improving the property’s energy efficiency and offsetting the community’s energy consumption through on-site renewable energy production. As a result, South Winds is expected to avoid 3,803 tons of carbon emissions each year.

Some of these improvements taking place around the property include upgraded doors, windows, lighting, insulation, and air sealing.

Going forward, plans call for a full retrofit of existing HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) with advanced cold-climate air source heat pumps to dramatically reduce energy demand and improve energy resiliency.

South Winds will be generating a considerable amount of its own energy using a renewable source. RENU will install roughly 1,370 kilowatts of solar energy capacity throughout the community 

Following the construction of the property’s new energy infrastructure, RENU will manage, maintain and monitor these systems to maximize energy efficiency and environmental health.

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